Recent, Current & Forecast Data For The British Isles

Data of these types are usually made available on the internet for non-commercial use. Should you require such data for commercial purposes, you are strongly advised to contact the data supplier; the onus rests on the user to satisfy him/herself that accessing these data do not violate any rules / regulations laid down by the supplier.

Latest information from the WMO regarding data availability and updated information on data restrictions as covered by WMO Resolution 40 is promulgated via the WMO Operational Newsletter. This is now in a very convenient on-line format and is issued monthly.

GTS Text Data - global text files fron the GTS
Other Recent & Current Observational Data for the British Isles
Climatic Data for the British Isles

Model Data
Other Forecast Data for the British Isles
Access To Meteorological Data International Regulations to keep in mind!

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